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Counter Flow Pellet Cooler

Counter Flow Pellet Cooler Introduction
Pellet cooler is an important machine used to cool the wood pellets and animal feed pellets discharged from pellet mill which is of very high temperature and much moisture. The air flow direction in the cooling machine is opposite to the flowing pellets, thus leading to evaporation of moisture from the pellets. While moisture evaporation, heat is also removed from the pellets.
Necessaries of Choosing a Pellet Cooler for Pellet Plant
The following is detailed explanation to the necessaries of choosing a pellet cooler
1.The temperature of the wood pellet from pellet mill is about 60-80. If we pack the pellets immediately, it will effect the pellets quality.
2.The moisture content of the wood pellet is about 15% and it is easily broken into powder again without being cooled. After cooled, the moisture can be about 10% which helps to prevent the pellets from mildew.
Why Counter Flow Pellet Cooler
There are numerous cooling machine, but the counter flow pellet cooler is the most suitable one for pellet plant. The outstanding features are as follows.
1. High efficiency. The temperature of cooled pellets could be 3 to 5 centigrade lower than room temperature and the moisture will be removed by 3.5%.
2.Discharge automatically. The unique sliding-valve discharging unit ensures its smooth discharge and reliable operation.
3.The countercurrent cooling method avoids direct blowing of cool air on the hot pellets preventing surface cracking of the pellets and maintaining high quality biomass pellets and animal feed pellets.
Pellet cooling machine technology data

Model Power Capacity Cooling Time
WCM1.5 1.1kw 1-3t/h 5~10mins/batch
WCM2.5 1.5kw 3-6t/h 5~10mins/batch
WCM4 2.2kw 6-10t/h 5~10mins/batch


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Product Name: Counter Flow Pellet Cooler
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