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Water Drop Feed Pellet Mill

Water Drop Hammer Mill Introduction
Water drop feed hammer mill is an advanced type feed material grinding machine. It features the smallest sensitivity to feed material moisture content, convenience to adjust feed material comminution degree and stable performance during grinding. Feed material grinding makes feed products more palatable and digestable. To produce high quality animal feed pellets, water drop feed hammer mill is the very choice. For feed materials fine grinding, you can choose feed hammer mill for feed pellet plant.

water drop feed hammer mill

Feed Hammer Mill Application
Feed hammer mill is popular in grinding animal feed materials such as barley,bean, wheat,corn, etc for poultry,livestock and aquatic organism. It is available to both large and medium scale animal feed producing plants.
Water Drop Feed Material Crushing Machine Features
General application. Stable performance and widely used in large, medium feed or food processing industry.
Streamlined design,compact structure and high strength.
Direct transmission structure.Reasonable designed knives,room between knives and sieves;uniform crushing material.
Import top quality bearings,low working temperature and noise.
Low electricity consumption of 5.5kw/h,lower than the average 6.7kw/h.
Water Drop Feed Material Grinding Machine Structure
1.Machine rack: Connect and support feed hammer mill components. The grinded material is discharged out from the bottom of rack.
2.Rotor: Composed of machine shaft,knives and bearings, rotor is the main moving part.
3.Coupler: Connect rotor shaft and engine shaft, conveying engine power.

feed hammer mill structure

4.Upper machine chassis: Connected with feeder and rack,equipped with sieving plates on both sides, it forms the grinding chamber with rotors.
6.Operating door: open operating door when change sieving plates and knives. There are operation switches on the door to keep safe opertion.
7.Steering structure: feed material entering grinding chamber from which side is controlled by steering structure. It can ensure the same direction of engine and feeding.
8.Pressing sieve device.

Water Drop Hammer Mill Technical Data

Model SDH-ZW-29C SDH-ZW-38C SDH-ZW-50C
Rotor diameter 1120mm 1120mm 1120mm
Spindle speed 1480rpm 1480rpm 1480rpm
Hammer speed 86.5m/s 86.5m/s 86.5m/s
Grinding room width 290mm 380mm 500mm
Hammer no. 54 64 90


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