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Favorable Conditions for Wood Pellet Machine in Germany

Favorable Conditions for Wood Pellet Machine in Germany
Wood used for heating in stoves were widespread and accepted in Germany in the past. Now, with the introduction of wood pellet machine in Germany, various raw materials can be processed into wood pellets to be burned. Materials like sawdust, wood chips, trunks, barks and rice husk, wheat straw and peanut shells can all be utilized by wood pellet machine to turn into wood pellets. Produced wood pellets can not only be burned in stoves, but also can be used in industries as fuel.
In Germany, there are large forest areas, thus a continuous supply of wood materials is guaranteed. Agricultural byproducts also serve as a supplement. Due to the rich raw materials, wood pellets can be produced by wood pellet machine steadily to meet the domestic demand.
Besides, the local government shows much favor to use pellet machine to make wood pellets. There is even a law that provides a legal framework to support wood pellet market. Since Germany has established a goal of the total consumption of renewable energy reaching 14% by 2020, wood pellets as the new renewable energy will certainly gain more and more application to help achieve the goal.
For wood pellet manufacturers, they have the local government's special treatment which will ensure the stable development of their wood pellet plants once their wood pellet business suffers setback. For individuals, there are subsidies offered by the government to encourage local residents to make their own wood pellets with small pellet machine.
Thanks to the above favorable factors, wood pellet production through pellet machine in Germany is rising continually. Apart from fulfilling the domestic need of wood pellets, there is always a surplus. Some producers export excessive wood pellets to other European countries like Sweden, Italy and France. Wood pellet trade has become a tie between these nations.